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MIDiA Research 2020-2027 Global Music Forecasts Volume Trumps Value as Emerging Markets Dominate Growth

Report by Mark Mulligan
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This report presents the key figures, trends and drivers of MIDiA’s music forecast model. The figures presented in this report are retail values and in billions of US dollars unless otherwise stated. An Excel file posted alongside this report provides complete country-level data, including DSP market shares and a detailed methodology statement.

Key findings

  • In retail terms, the global recorded music market was worth        billion in 2019, up        from        billion in 2018
  • Revenues will reach        million in 2027 in retail terms and        billion in trade terms
  • The combined effect of        and the subsequent recession will be to slow trade revenue growth to        in 2020
  • Between 2019 and 2027 North America will account for just        of subscriber growth but        of streaming revenue growth, but Asia Pacific will drive        of subscriber and        of revenue
  • Rest of World, Asia Pacific and Latin America will account for        of subscriber growth between 2019 and 2027 but just        of revenue growth
  • Subscriptions accounted for        of streaming revenue in 2019. By 2027 this share will have fallen to        due to a combination of declining subscription ARPU and the growth of ad supported
  • The dominant position of the US in the global streaming landscape will accentuate by 2027 when it will represent        of revenues though only        of subscribers

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