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Independent Artist Survey Aspirations That Will Reshape an Industry

Report by Mark Mulligan
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The 20,000 Foot View:  This report presents the findings of MIDiA’s 2019 independent artist survey.

Key Insights

  • Independent artists will drive a different future: just        want a traditional label deal,        want a label services deal and        want to remain independent
  • Independent artists are established in their own right: they have an average annual income of        and        million streams
  • Independence is a mindset:        of independent artists want to retain creative and commercial control of their careers, while        want to retain their rights
  • The ability to market their music and find an audience is the top decision driver for artists when choosing a label or distributor 
  • Marketing and artists and repertoire (A&R) team capabilities are the most important factors for artists when choosing a label services deal
  • Independent artists are both the present and the future: they are a scale opportunity in their own right and also represent the future of label artists
  • Labels – both incumbent and insurgent – will have to embrace non-traditional deals at scale to meet the demands of the next generation of artists

Companies and brands mentioned in this report:  AWAL, BMG Music Rights, CD Baby, Kobalt, Tunecore, Amuse

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