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Games discovery and conversion Navigating between generations in the 2020s

Report by Karol Severin
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The 20,000 Foot View: The 2020s population is split between digital natives and older digital migrants, which shapes how consumers discover and convert to new games. Younger consumers are more likely to discover via channels and formats pioneered by digital natives, such as creator coverage and social media feeds. Older consumers remain more likely to discover via traditional word of mouth and formal reviews. Games discovery and conversion now depends upon planning and building around the generational nuances of discovery. 

Key insights

           of consumers discover games via social media feeds, the same as word of mouth, traditionally considered the most important marketing tool        and over        discover via social media feeds and word of mouth (social media skews younger and word of mouth older), with clear implications for campaign optimisation
  • Digital native discovery tactics (e.g., creator reviews, Discord) are still niche but point to the future of games discovery¬†
  • Formal reviews and creator recommendations are both niche        penetration), but        of the former are over        and        of the latter are       
  • More consumers discover games from social media ads        than YouTube or Twitch ads        with both activities nearly equally distributed across digital natives and older consumers
  • Free trials are the key driver of trying new games at        penetration, though the behaviour skews towards those over        at        versus        of       
  •        of consumers consider online multiplayer to be a key driver of trying a new game (of which        are digital natives)
  • Metaverses present an opportunity for discovery and conversion, particularly for digital games distributors who will increasingly need to give consumers a reason to hang around, rather than rely on appointed purchase intent¬†

Companies and brands mentioned in this report: App Store, Discord, Epic Games, Netflix, Peloton, PlayStation Now, Polystream, Spotify, Steam, Twitch, Xbox Game Pass, YouTube, Zoom

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