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Adblocker User Deep Dive High Value Users that Cannot Be Ignored

Report by Karol Severin
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20,000 Foot View: Adblocking is arguably the single biggest disruptive threat digital media businesses have faced. But it is the users of adblockers and their motivations rather than the technology itself that matter most. Adblocker users comprise a segment that advertisers are no longer reaching online and on mobile. While publishers have to figure out how to salvage the revenue loss, advertisers, brands and agencies have to find an alternative way of reaching ad-resistant users. Not least because many are actually highly valuable tech sophisticates.

Key Findings:

           of desktop adblocking users are male, while        of mobile adblocking users are male        of desktop adblocking users are        years old or more, while        of mobile adblocking users are        years old or more        of adblocking users are high music spenders        of adblocking users use a messaging app every month        of adblocking users download music or video through Peer-to-Peer networks        of adblocking users create playlists, compared to the consumer average of               of desktop and        of mobile adblocking users download singles or albums, compared to the consumer average of               of adblocking users pay for a video subscription

Companies Mentioned: Facebook, Netflix, Shazam, Snapchat, YouTube

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