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From video hardware to entertainment hardware The gamer opportunity for smart TVs

Report by Tim Mulligan
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20,000 foot view: Smart-TV-owning gamers skew older and combine increased consumption spend with an increased willingness to pay for content and entertainment more broadly. Smart-TV owners over-index for games consumption and in-game spending, offering an unparalleled platform distribution opportunity for cross-platform games distributors such as Xbox Game Pass. Smart-TV owners can accelerate this trend by increasing games peripheral device interoperability (e.g., console controllers that integrate with smart TV operating systems). Successful execution will see the smart TV consolidating its role as the home smart entertainment hub. Smart-TV manufacturers that execute a games partnership strategy early will benefit from a distinct selling point over smart-TV manufacturers without implemented games strategies.

Key insights

  • Smart-TV owners over-index on all gamer behaviours compared to the consumer average

  • Smart-TV-owning gamers skew older than the gamer average, with        being        years old

  • Smart-TV-owning gamers over-index for in-game spending compared to the gamer average, with        spending        or more per month on in-game purchases

  • Smart-TV-owning gamers over-index against gamers for PlayStation Now and PlayStation Plus, but under-index for Xbox Games Pass usage

  • The smart TV represents an emerging opportunity for publishers and distributors seeking to unlock new valuable audiences

  • Games service partnerships present an opportunity for smart-TV brands to distinguish offerings from competitors and transition from a ‘video hardware’ mindset toward an ‘entertainment hardware’ one

  • In doing so, one of the most valuable gamer segments will be incentivised to consolidate games and video hardware purchases

Companies and brands mentioned in this report : Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, Apple Arcade, Android TV, Azure, Comcast, LG, Samsung, Sony PlayStation Now, Sony PlayStation Plus, The Fire TV Omni Series, XClass TV, Xbox, Xbox Games Pass

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